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Swivel and Pivoting base for a 5C Collet Spin Indexer (Spindexer)

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Friday, April 15, 2016 - 00:06

Sorry, i did not document this project too well.
I was just asked for the drawings, so i just created this page to they can be posted.

Note, the overall height of this base was designed for a tailstock which i had laying around.

Ive used this base a number of times and found it has one major flaw, the locking so it does not pivot while machining. What i did to fix this was add two adjustable supports on the front and back between the bottom and top plates, the supports are nothing more then a peice of hex stock drilled and tapped along with a hex bolt threaded into them so they are adjustable.










Here is the first loose assembly of a swivel and pivoting base for a 5C Collet Spin Indexer. This project is about 95% complete. As of now the only finishing touches will be milling some flats on the axle and a couple washers. Will probably re-make the T-bolts for the top swivel, they are alittle short right now.


Even though this was a single project, i have a backround in manufaturing so at times when im machine things at home i have a "production" way of looking at things. Heres how i set up the rotory table to mill the radious slots in the side plates.


Short clip of how i milled the 45* on the side blocks:



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