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Looking to download The Guitar Song album online ? Released: Sep 14, 2010 , Jamey Johnson launched Country album The Guitar Song.

Album has 25 Songs, 1 Hour 45 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Lonely At the Top 3:13

Cover Your Eyes 3:44

Poor Man Blues 3:31

Set 'Em Up Joe 2:47

Playing the Part 4:29

Baby Don't Cry 3:27

Heaven Bound 2:39

Can't Cash My Checks 7:17

That's How I Don't Love You 3:55

Heartache 5:20

Mental Revenge 4:21

Even the Skies Are Blue 3:55

By the Seat of Your Pants 6:28

California Riots 6:21

Dog In the Yard 3:25

The Guitar Song (feat. Bill Anderson) 3:24

That's Why I Write Songs 4:05

Macon 4:18

Thankful for the Rain 2:59

Good Morning Sunrise 3:56

Front Porch Swing Afternoon 4:39

I Remember You 4:50

Good Times Ain't What They Used to Be 3:04

For the Good Times 4:01

My Way to You 5:21


It’s rare when new traditional “hat-acts” play outside the box, which is why Jamey Johnson’s fourth studio LP is a must-hear. The Guitar Song is a double concept album boasting 25 tunes. The first half is Johnson’s Black Album, where he bequeaths downtrodden honky-tonk songs. “Lonely At the Top” plays like an old saloon-serenade as Johnson lampoons those who complain about success. He turns Mel Tillis’ “Mental Revenge” into an acoustic front-porch dirge, while his own “That’s How I Don’t Love You” and “Heartache” are deeply darkened laments that make Ryan Adams’ ballads sound like Katrina & The Waves. The second half comprising Johnson’s White Album vibrates with upbeat twang-rock. It opens with the beer-joint boogie of “By the Seat of Your Pants” before the hilarious “California Riots” recalls David Allan Coe’s “Willie, Waylon And Me.” “Macon” is a lighter-hoisting, Skynyrd-esque Southern rock anthem that’s sure to get good ol’ boys taking their shirts off and yelling at Johnson’s live shows.
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