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Looking to download That Lonesome Song album online ? Released: Aug 5, 2008 , Jamey Johnson launched Country album That Lonesome Song.

Album has 14 Songs, 56 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Released 0:38

High Cost of Living 5:45

Angel 4:28

Place out on the Ocean 4:02

Mowin' Down the Roses 4:21

The Door Is Always Open 3:35

Mary Go Round 4:52

In Color 4:50

The Last Cowboy 4:16

That Lonesome Song 4:01

Dreaming My Dreams with You 4:12

Women 3:27

Stars in Alabama 3:45

Between Jennings and Jones 4:12


Jamey Johnson's 2006 debut was defiantly old-school sounding, but he went full-on outlaw for this follow-up, with spectacular results. This album owes a spiritual debt to vintage Waylon Jennings, acknowledged by a brace of spot-on covers. But with his muscular baritone and knack for no-nonsense storytelling, Johnson crafts some new outlaw country classics of his own, whether he's unsentimentally tallying the tolls of addiction on "High Cost of Living" or lamenting a wrecked romance on the intense, smoldering ballad "Mary Go Round."
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