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Rock 'n Roll Rarities By Chuck Berry [MP3, iTunes, android] Download

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Looking to download Rock 'n Roll Rarities album online ? Released: Jan 1, 1986 , Chuck Berry launched Rock album Rock 'n Roll Rarities.

Album has 20 Songs, 52 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
No Particular Place to Go (Stereo Remix) 2:44

Rock and Roll Music (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 2:27

It Wasn't Me (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 2:35

Reelin' and Rockin' (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 3:38

Come On 1:51

Johnny B. Goode (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 3:11

Bye Bye Johnny (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 2:06

Little Marie (Stereo Remix) 2:37

Time Was (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 2:30

Promised Land (Stereo Remix) 2:31

Little Queenie (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 2:37

You Never Can Tell (1986 Stereo Remix) 2:45

Sweet Little Sixteen (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 3:13

County Line 2:18

Run Rudolph Run 2:45

Nadine (Stereo Remix) 2:49

Betty Jean 2:31

I Want to Be Your Driver (Stereo Remix) 2:20

Beautiful Delilah (Rock 'n Roll Rarities Version) 2:32

Oh Yeah 2:31


When this album first appeared in the '80s, many highly regarded old masters were finally having their catalogs overhauled in meaningful ways after years of neglect and haphazard availability. The Great Twenty-Eight went a long way toward giving Chuck Berry fans a solid collection of his best-known music. Rock ’n’ Roll Rarities went deeper for the serious fan. Producer Steve Hoffman searched the Chess Records vault and uncovered a variety of alternate versions and mixes that had never before been made available to fans. Some songs were inexplicably hard to find, while others were stereo remixes of songs previously only heard in mono. But others—the real draw here—were demos and alternate versions of songs that Berry fans had committed to memory. The chance to hear “new” versions of “Rock ’n’ Roll Music,” “Johnny B. Goode,” “Little Queenie,” and “Sweet Little Sixteen” provides true excitement for those who thought they’d heard it all.
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