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Ritual By White Lies MP3 Download

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Looking to download Ritual album online ? Released: Jan 1, 2010 , White Lies launched Alternative album Ritual.

Album has 12 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Is Love 4:52

Strangers 5:24

Bigger Than Us 4:42

Peace & Quiet 5:54

Streetlights 5:00

Holy Ghost 4:22

Turn the Bells 5:04

The Power & the Glory 5:13

Bad Love 3:57

Come Down 5:09

Bigger Than Us (Datassette Remix) [Bonus Track] 6:38

Bigger Than Us (Factory Floor Remix) [Bonus Track] 5:54


White Lies’ debut, To Lose My Life, was a strong effort, earning both plenty of fans and critical praise, but Ritual runs the risk of stirring the backlash pot with its clean and shiny perfection of the goth-revival sound (Killers, Interpol, etc). That said, we rally to the band’s side, and tout their mastering of the genre, their knack for dramatic crescendos built on waves of sleek, icy synths, barbed guitars and impossible to ignore dance beats ... all of which support Harry McVeigh’s impressive baritone, uncannily similar at times to the king of gothic punk, the Damned’s Dave Vanian. Yes, the Damned and Joy Division were a long time ago, but White Lies admirably do their part in keeping those bands’ spirits alive. Ritual satisfies with both MTV-ready songs for hits-seekers, and songs created with more in mind than the charts; you gotta admire the noise-scape underlying “The Power & the Glory” and the chamber-goth-meets-soul of “Peace & Quiet.” We sense stealthy evolution ahead.
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