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Looking to download reLive (Live) album online ? Released: Sep 16, 2016 , Diary of Dreams launched Alternative album reLive (Live).

Album has 22 Songs, 1 Hour 54 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Schwarz (Live) 2:14

Sinferno (Live) 5:51

Malum (Live) 4:55

Menschfeind (Live) 5:09

Psycho-Logic (Live) 4:43

Krank (Live) 5:50

Butterfly:Dance! (Live) 5:39

Gftraum (Live) 4:04

Soul Stripper (Live) 4:23

Ikarus (Live) 5:58

Schuldig! (Live) 5:45

Choir Hotel (Live) 5:56

Mythology of Violence (Live) 5:01

The Colors of Grey (Live) 6:29

Dogs of War (Live) 5:23

Grau im Licht (Live) 5:24

A Dark Embrace (Live) 6:33

Endless Nights (Live) 4:35

Undividable (Live) 4:27

The Plague (Live) 5:00

King of Nowhere (Live) 5:09

Kindrom (Live) 6:04

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