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Looking to download Paralytic Stalks album online ? Released: Feb 7, 2012 , of Montreal launched Alternative album Paralytic Stalks.

Album has 9 Songs, 57 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Gelid Ascent 4:09

Spiteful Intervention 3:38

Dour Percentage 4:34

We Will Commit Wolf Murder 5:29

Malefic Dowery 2:36

Ye, Renew the Plaintiff 8:46

Wintered Debts 7:36

Exorcismic Breeding Knife 7:40

Authentic Pyrrhic Remission 13:15


You can regard Paralytic Stalks as an act of catharsis or an exercise in self-flagellation—there’s enough angst on Of Montreal’s latest opus to last a decade’s worth of albums. Paralytic Stalks is a gorgeous kaleidoscope of sonic textures, fusing dandified David Bowie–esque soul/pop with quirky psychedelia and expansive prog-rock. Barnes has long displayed both childlike playfulness and unhinged confession in his work. This time, the tension between his lyrics’ obsessive emotions and his music’s eccentric ambitions reaches new and dizzying heights. Torrents of anguished words are carried along by twitchy grooves, echoing pianos, and fluttering woodwinds in “We Will Commit Wolf Murder” and “Dour Percentage.” Whether he’s churning through the spacy funk of “Ye, Renew the Plaintiff” or luxuriating in the tropical tones of “Malefic Dowry,” Barnes keeps prodding and provoking listeners. The most extreme is “Authentic Pyrrhic Remission,” a 13-minute epic of jittery rhythms and shifting instrumental shards. It’s all heady, brilliant stuff, disturbing and exhilarating in equal measure.
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