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[MP3/MP4] Download ~ Perfume and Piss by G.B.H. MP3/MP4 and Listen Online

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Looking to download Perfume and Piss album online ? Released: Apr 2, 2010 , G.B.H. launched Alternative album Perfume and Piss.

Album has 13 Songs, 38 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Unique 2:27

Kids Get Down 2:03

Perfume and Piss 2:45

Cadillac One 3:16

San Jose Wind 2:19

Dead Man Walking 2:37

Invisible 3:04

This Is Not the Real World 2:49

Polytoxic 3:00

Ballads 2:59

Power Corrupts 3:14

Going Sideways 3:42

Time Flies 4:42


It’s unlikely that you can attend a punk rock show without seeing the initials G.B.H. painted on a leather jacket. The Birmingham, England group are among the longest- running institutions in the punk genre, having released their first records in the early ‘80s. Their music has always held a tough edge, leaning towards hardcore punk’s maniacal chaos and thrash metal’s disciplined guitar attacks, where other bands have settled for pop. In 2010, the band continues their merciless pounce. From the opening snarl of “Unique,” G.B.H. are out to maul the competition. They move into a near garage-blues stomp for “Cadillac One.” “Dead Man Walking” ups the tempo into hardcore’s mph with drums determined to rail over the edge. “San Jose Wind” slams past with a pure punk attack, chords whizzing up towards a catharsis that has just enough pogo power to keep audiences bouncing. “Ballads” is not as advertised and continues the band’s push towards fast-paced anthems. G.B.H. have come to represent consistency.
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