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Here you will find different articles on machinery that i have: Rebuild, Modified or Made from scratch.

Name Term description
PM1440E-LB Lathe Modifications

Another happy Precision Matthews Quality Machine Tools customer.
I'm the type of person who likes to tinker and tweak things no matter what it is and the PM1440E-LB is something else to play with.  All articles found under this section deal with my PM1440E-LB lathe in some way or another. Most of what you will find here are little modification which i thought would come in handy along with little tweaks to get things running just how i want them to.

Industrial Hobbies Mill Modifications

Purchased a 9x39 manual mill from Charter Oak Automation (also known as Industrial Hobbies). As with the 14x40 PM Lathe i have in the basement and every other thing, i will be tinkering with the Mill and keeping track of that here.

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