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Looking to download Little Dark Age album online ? Released: Feb 9, 2018 , MGMT launched Alternative album Little Dark Age.

Album has 10 Songs, 43 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Album songs list:
She Works Out Too Much 4:38

Little Dark Age 4:59

When You Die 4:23

Me and Michael 4:49

Tslamp 4:29

James 3:52

Days That Got Away 4:44

One Thing Left to Try 4:20

When You're Small 3:30

Hand It Over 4:14


MGMT’s music has always pinballed between accessibility and experiment, pop, and psychedelia—a tension that has produced some of the catchiest, most synapse-stretching music of the young century. Reining in the freak-outs of 2013’s MGMT, the band’s fourth album plumbs their (relatively) accessible side, refracting ’80s-style synth-pop (“Little Dark Age,” “One Thing Left to Try”) and ’60s jangle folk (“When You Die”) through a warped, surrealistic sense of humor—a sound at once cheerful and violent, eerie and inviting, light and thrillingly dark.
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