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Looking to download Life of Pause album online ? Released: Feb 19, 2016 , Wild Nothing launched Indie Rock album Life of Pause.

Album has 11 Songs, 49 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Reichpop 4:51

Lady Blue 5:00

A Woman's Wisdom 4:09

Japanese Alice 2:43

Life of Pause 3:06

Alien 3:52

To Know You 5:56

Adore 4:55

TV Queen 3:51

Whenever I 4:57

Love Underneath My Thumb 6:18


Jack Tatum’s chiming, ‘80s-style indie-pop under the Wild Nothing name has always struck a keen balance between abstract and direct, couching pop-minded songwriting in atmosphere so plush you could probably catch a decent nap in it. A richer, more elaborately arranged album than Gemini and Nocturne, Life of Pause adds Steve Reich-style marimba patterns (“Reichpop”), fluttering saxophones (“Lady Blue”), and newfound sonic clarity to the mix, channeling the sumptuous detachment of post-Berlin Bowie and focusing Tatum’s dream without ever disturbing it.
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Life of Pause download album online
Life of Pause online album
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