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Looking to download The Spiral Sacrifice album online ? Released: Feb 7, 2018 , Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows launched Goth Rock album The Spiral Sacrifice.

Album has 19 Songs, 1 Hour 18 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Album songs list:
Everything Is an Illusion 5:50

Where the End Begins 5:19

There Are Scars in the Evening Sky 2:15

The Broken & Shattered Moon 5:12

I Cannot Go Back to the Way I Was 1:43

In the Company of Beasts 3:58

When You Love a Man 6:46

Through the Forest Wondrously 2:16

By the Waters of Forgetfulness 2:57

Ein freundlich' Wort einst unverhofft 3:41

I Am Done with Men 3:29

Sometimes You Make Me Smile 2:41

At Sunset Through the Fields Aflame 2:39

In the Old House (We Made out Well) 3:01

Light in the Attic 3:42

If I Could Go Back in Time 7:05

I Am so Glad It's Over 2:55

Let Me Say It Now 5:52

Through Your Eyes 7:21

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