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Looking to download Shot Myself Up album online ? Released: May 4, 2015 , Iggy Pop launched Rock album Shot Myself Up.

Album has 18 Songs, 1 Hour 17 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Raw Power (Radio Broadcast) 3:51

Tv Eye (Radio Broadcast) 3:22

Dirt (Radio Broadcast) 5:39

Turn Blue (Radio Broadcast) 7:12

Funtime (Radio Broadcast) 3:02

Gimme Danger (Radio Broadcast) 4:15

No Fun (Radio Broadcast) 2:54

Sister Midnight (Radio Broadcast) 2:14

I Need Somebody (Radio Broadcast) 4:41

Search and Destroy (Radio Broadcast) 3:36

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Radio Broadcast) 4:21

China Girl (Radio Broadcast) 6:26

Dum Dum Boys (Alt Mix) 7:15

Baby (Alt Mix) 3:24

Tiny Girls (Outtake) 3:02

China Girl (Alt Mix) 5:12

Funtime (U.S TV Broadcast) 2:58

Sister Midnight (U.S TV Broadcast) 3:41

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