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Let's Get It On (Remastered) MP3 Download

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Looking to download Let's Get It On (Remastered) album online ? Released: Aug 28, 1973 , Marvin Gaye launched R&B/Soul album Let's Get It On (Remastered).

Album has 8 Songs, 27 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Let's Get It On 4:53

Please Stay (Once You Go Away) 3:31

If I Should Die Tonight 4:01

Keep Gettin' It On 3:10

Come Get to This 2:41

You Sure Love to Ball 4:44

Just to Keep You Satisfied 4:26


This album is Mastered for iTunes. Marvin Gaye’s ’70s concept albums spanned wounded takes on sociopolitical concerns (What’s Going On), the collapse of his own first marriage (Here, My Dear), and the sensual concerns of Let’s Get It On. Gaye, of course, made seduction the record’s center, but hardly its only subject. Even the title track, used endlessly by media as a cue for unbridled sexiness, has its philosophical bent (“Since we got to be here, let’s live”) and a blurred line between love for a woman and the “sanctified” feel of the church Gaye was raised in. And all the moments of beauty (aided by co-producer Ed Townsend on the album’s first half) culminate in the gorgeous but stark “Just to Keep You Satisfied”, a breakup song whose themes would be fully shaken out on Here. It’s another way in which Marvin refuses to make a too-standard sex jam.
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