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Looking to download I Am Very Far album online ? Released: May 10, 2011, Okkervil River released Alternative album I Am Very Far.

Album has 11 Songs, 50 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
The Valley 3:50

Piratess 4:00

Rider 4:25

Lay of the Last Survivor 3:51

White Shadow Waltz 4:26

We Need a Myth 4:38

Hanging from a Hit 5:15

Show Yourself 5:20

Your Past Life As a Blast 5:32

Wake and Be Fine 3:25

The Rise 6:16


Okkervil River were gradually improving their public profile when they became Texas rock legend Roky Erickson’s backing band. Together, they assembled the album True Love Cast Out All Evil, a brilliant comeback record that taught the group a few subtle lessons. I Am Very Far is, arguably, the band’s tightest record to date. There’s a simplicity here that turns songs such as “Rider” and “Lay of the Last Survivor” into direct hits. Will Sheff rarely overdoes his vocals and when he does allow a greater theatrical flourish, he pulls it off, e.g. the punchy “We Need a Myth”. Sheff produced the album and he knows the value of a few carefully placed instruments. “Hanging From a Hit” has moments of austerity. “Show Yourself” plays like a liquid ballad with the chords sloshing around the backseat while Sheff sings to the moonlight. “The Rise” is a virtual trip, a haunting six-minute exploration of sound and harmony where the band let it loose.
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