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Looking to download Heza album online ? Released: Apr 2, 2013, Generationals released Alternative album Heza.

Album has 10 Songs, 34 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Spinoza 3:31

Extra Free Year 3:23

Say When 2:34

You Got Me 4:56

Put a Light On 3:46

I Never Know 3:16

Awake 3:36

Kemal 3:11

I Used to Let You Get to Me 2:43

Durga II 3:38


The Generationals’ third release leans away from the '60s guitar pop touchstones of their earlier work and taps into '80s electro-pop influences. As with everything this New Orleans duo has made thus far, the tunes here are sharp and relentlessly catchy. The crisp guitar-driven cuts “Spinoza” and “I Never Know” aside, Heza is generally subdued compared to their more urgent previous release Astor-Castor. Here, the laid-back grooves textured with synths and keyboards provide the most memorable hooks. “Say When,” “You Got Me,” and “Put a Light On” crackle with vibrant electronic tones, while “Kemal” glides along like a tropical breeze. The whole album is precisely structured and cleanly produced, and the melodies are bright and sunny throughout. Heza succeeds by taking familiar song forms and injecting them with effortless and engaging charm.
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