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Looking to download Semper Femina album online ? Released: Mar 10, 2017 , Laura Marling launched Singer/Songwriter album Semper Femina.

Album has 9 Songs, 42 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Soothing 4:16

The Valley 5:40

Wild Fire 4:50

Don't Pass Me By 5:09

Always This Way 4:33

Wild Once 4:22

Next Time 4:01

Nouel 4:53

Nothing, Not Nearly 4:31


Intended as an examination of 21st-century femininity and masculinity, Laura Marling’s sixth album drills into her friendships and relationships with absorbing intimacy. Musically, it’s one of her finest records too. She consistently finds a captivating balance between immediacy, nuance, and adventure—whether she’s plucking cascading acoustic melodies on “Nouel” or creating a suspenseful union of hushed electronic beats, filmic strings and snaking electric guitar on “Don’t Pass Me By.”
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