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Looking to download Dig Out Your Soul album online ? Released: Oct 1, 2008 , Oasis launched Alternative album Dig Out Your Soul.

Album has 11 Songs, 46 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Bag It Up 4:40

The Turning 5:04

Waiting for the Rapture 3:02

The Shock of the Lightning 5:09

I'm Outta Time 4:10

(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady 4:06

Falling Down 4:29

To Be Where There's Life 4:35

Ain't Got Nothin' 2:14

The Nature of Reality 3:47

Soldier On 4:50


While Oasis has always been ruled by the Gallagher Brothers, Liam and Noel, in recent years the band has transformed into a democracy with each band member contributing a song or two. 2008’s Dig Out Your Soul features six from Noel that range from the trademark Oasis bombast of “Waiting for the Rapture” to the bluesy kitsch of “Bag It Up” and “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady,” while his “Soldier On” and guitarist Gem Archer’s “To Be Where There’s Life” do their best to shuttle off into psychedelia with a slight taste of Indian raga shading the Brit-Pop wallop. Liam’s Lennon-like ballad (what would an Oasis album be without some nod towards the Beatles?) “I’m Outta Time” is affecting and for pure classic Oasis, brother Noel’s “The Shock of the Lightning” and “Falling Down” come closest to their wall of sonic bliss. The entire album is produced to loud, numbing effect, the dynamics deliberately sacrificed. Oasis prefer to overwhelm the listener with wave after wave of unrelenting verve and style.
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