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Looking to download Hardcore Live! album online ? Released: Feb 24, 2015 , Devo launched Alternative album Hardcore Live!.

Album has 21 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Mechanical Man (Live) 6:00

Auto Mo-Down (Live) 2:07

Space Girl Blues (Live) 2:01

Baby Talkin Bitches (Live) 2:42

Fraulein (Live) 3:45

I Been Refused (Live) 2:44

Bamboo Bimbo (Live) 3:49

Beehave (Live) 2:48

Midget (Live) 3:27

Satisfaction (Live) 4:01

Timing Excercise/Soo Bawls (Live) 3:59

Stop Look and Listen (Live) 2:45

O No (Live) 2:59

Be Stiff (Live) 2:59

Uncontrollable Urge (Live) 3:42

Social Fools (Live) 3:20

Jocko Homo (Live) 5:18

Fountain of Filth (Live) 4:14

Gut Feeling (Live) 4:13

U Got Me Bugged (Booji Boy) [Live] 3:10

Clock Out (Live) 4:54

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