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Cutting polyurethane on table saw

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Saturday, December 27, 2014 - 22:43

Someone asked me to cut down 8 pieces of polyurethane rollers - 2.4 dia x 12" long with a 5/8" through hole and make them roughly 8" long.

Recently i was doing something on the table saw and had a "junk" blade on it so i figured this would be quick and easy... which it was with one catch, flying melted polyurethane.

Ran a test pass just cleaning up the end of one roller... alittle bit of a melted-mess was created but nothing too bad. So i grabbed my "UVEX Bionic Face Shield" which, at times, i use when turning wood on the wood working lathe and boy, glad i did. The image below shows the face shield after one glob of melted polyurethane kicked up off the saw blade.

If it was not for having the junk blade already on the table saw i would have used the band-saw to cut them. The table saw was quick and easy, have not opened the bottom cabinet of the saw yet to see the mess i will have to clean up...

Im am not a "safety Nazi" by any means, but every now and again it just seams like a good idea, this would have been (melted) on my face if it was not for the shield.

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