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Squaring the Body of a 3" Drill Press Vise

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

Wanted to square up the base of a 3" drill press vice so i could hold it in a small horazontal band saw for clamping small parts.

Grabbed a piece of 1" plate steel, clamped it in a milling vice, skimmed the top and side to clean and square it up. Then took the 3" vice, flipped it over and clamped it on the 1" stock. Took a few passes around all four side of the 3" vice base with an end mill. I still want to use the vice over at the drill press and have use of the mounting bolt slots on the sides so i only took off enough to fit my needs at the band saw. Since all four sides of the vice are now square and parallel to its jaws, it can be used easily with a fence or other fixtures and jigs. Simple, but effective.

I did not take pictures while i was doing this, they where all taken after so they are alittle out of order.

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