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Spider for end of spindle

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

Made from 420 stainless steel.

Dont have a real mill, so the four holes for the adjusting screws where drilled and tapped on my 3-in-1 lathe/drill/mill... pulled a 3/8 - 16 no problem :) Could have definitely used a jack under the part. The spider is screwed onto a "male thread gauge" i made, mic-ed over wires of the spindle tube threads and just mirrored it as a gauge - turned down a piece of hex stock to 1.0 (to fit in the gauges bore) and then tack welded on the end for a handle (quick and easy, nothing fancy).

When i get some time, gonna make the adjusting screws and lock nuts with knurled ends so no tools will be needed along with brass or aluminum tip inserts.

  • Dimensions:
  • OD = 2.72 (to match the Spindle thread extension) and 3.125 on the end so the screws have some meet to sit in.
  • ID = 2.025 straight through


Heres the knurled bolts along with brass screw-in tips.
OD thread 3/8-16 and the ID thread for the tips is 1/4-20
Made the over all from tip to knurled head the same length for all four so with a alittle math its pretty quick and easy to get them adjusted close.
First image (sorry, alittle fuzzy) is a little thread adapter that i used to bring the tips to length after threading and cutting them off.

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