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Reversing spindle lever direction

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

The "spindle lever" which i am referring to is the one to the bottom right of the carriage which you pull up or push down to make the spindle go froward or reverse. Im pretty sure an oops was made some where along the lines during manufacturing because if you pulled up it would make the spindle go forward (counter-clock wise). For the most part its not a big deal at all, its a little tight when threading, but not a big deal, just something to get used to, but if you run other manual lathes from time to time it could get a little frustrating so i did a little investigating to make it standard.

Short Answer: Flip the number 8 and 9 (Red and Pink) wires in the electrical panel for the spindle levers cord.
Note: Just recently someone with the same lathe (bought it 1-1/2 years later (late 2014)) ran into this as well, but they needed to flip wire numbers: 4 and 5.

How i came to that:
I followed the wire from the left side of the bar which the spindle lever engages up into the bottom of the electrical panel and found the following wires in it:
Black, Yellow, Red and "Pink" (its of a pinkish color).
So with four wires i figured, Ground, Forward, Reverse and Off... Not knowing which is which i took a look at the wire coming from the foot brake and found Black and Pink.

The foot brakes Pink was screwed to the same terminal as the spindle levers Yellow so i figured that the Yellow of the spindle brake was Off, the spindle levers Red was screwed to a terminal with another wire (i did not trace that other wire) and the spindle levers Pink was screwed to a terminal all by its self. Knowing that there is a Jog button i figured that must have been what the other wire screwed to the spindle lever Red... so i killed the power to the machine and then removed the spindle lever Pink wire (which was screwed to a terminal by itself), flipped the power back on and tried the machine - flipping the lever up kicked the spindle forward, flipping it down did nothing (just made a 'click' ). Now i went and unhooked the Red wire and flipped the lever and nothing (just a 'click' ), so i swapped the two and now Down is forward and up is reverse.

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