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PCF8574 and PCF8574A I2C Address Map

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20


L  = VSS (ground)
H = VDD (supply voltage  2.5V – 6V)
A 2 A 1 A 0 PCF8574 PCF8574A
L L L 20 (hexadecimal) 38 (hexadecimal)
L L H 21 (hexadecimal) 39 (hexadecimal)
L H L 22 (hexadecimal) 3A (hexadecimal)
L H H 23 (hexadecimal) 3B (hexadecimal)
H L L 24 (hexadecimal) 3C (hexadecimal)
H L H 25 (hexadecimal) 3D (hexadecimal)
H H L 26 (hexadecimal) 3E (hexadecimal)
H H H 27 (hexadecimal) 3F (hexadecimal)


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If there is something that could cause problems or there is a risk in doing it, i have noted that - and done so for good reason. Google and Yahoo are great resources, so please use them also.


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