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MINI NC Controller for Z-axis

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

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This project contains many small elements which i have tried to document the best i could and with as much detail as i could, but please note, im a tinkerer not a writer. This page will give a general break down with some images and video along with links to different stages of the project and to each component.


Stages of the Project

Each stage has a write up along with a video

  • Stage One (LCD, Menu, Rapid, DOC knob)
  • Stage Two (A temperary "Panel" , Drill Cycle, Feed switch and Feed potentiometer added)
  • Stage Three ()


Project Components


Part List

Heres the parts list (theres probably a few things ive missed, but for the most part this list should be complete): Note im not endorsing or advertising here, its just where i got the parts from, im sure if you search you could find better deals.

$58.00 SainSmart Mega2560 R3 ATmega2560-16AU + Keypad Starter Kit with over 16 Basic Arduino Tutorial Projects for Arduino Beginners
$5.57 22mm Latching 2 NO Three 3-Position Rotary Selector Select Switch ZB2-BE101C
$2 (10) $6.99 10PC New 16A 12V Round Rocker Toggle Switch Green LED SPST For All
$1 (4) $5.28 Amico 4 Pcs AC 125V 6A 3 Pin SPDT On/Off/On 3 Position Mini Toggle Switch Blue
$11.13 Car 6 Pins On-Off-On Rocker Switch Momentary Rocker Switch 3pcs
$2 (5) $10.99 Vktech 5Pcs Black Brushless DC Cooling Blower Fan 5015S 5V 0.1-0.3A 50x15mm
$4.98 AC250V/3A AC125V/6A OFF(ON) NO Round Momentary Push Button Switch 5 Pcs
$4 (2) $7.71 40mm Red Sign Mushroom Emergency Stop Push Button Switch SPDT 6A 250V AC
$7.90 Industries CU-234 Aluminum Econobox, 4-43/64" Length x 3-43/64" Width x 2-13/64" Height, Natural Finish
$18.80 BUD Industries CN-5711 Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure, 8-3/4" Length x 5-47/64" Width x 2-1/4" Height, Natural Finish
$4 (2) $7.92 MAX7219 CWG 8-Digit Digital Tube Display Control Module Red for arduino
$2.99 2 x PCF8574 I2C I/O Bus Expander IC - USA Seller - Free Shipping
$19.99 Bourns ENT1J-D28-L00128L EN Model Rotary Optical Encoder
$6 (5) $28.80 C15HPSMMETAL Assembled Hd15 Male Solder D-Sub Connector With Metal Backshell
$12.00 US UNO R3 ATmega328P ATmega16U2 2012 Version Board & Free USB Cable for Arduino
$5 I2C EEPROM - 256kbit
$10 D-SUB plugs
- $175 Total


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