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Drawers Under Mill

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

When i bought the IH Mill i also bought a small frame/base which was made out of 2x2 box tubing. I asked Charter Oak Automation (also known as Industrial Hobbies) if they could lower the front bottom cross member so i could add the biggest drawer i could, they where happy to do so.

Trying to utilize as much space as possible along with keeping tools close to a machine, here are some drawers which i made for under the mill.

I added a 2x2 piece of angle iron to the back at the same height as the lower bottom cross member. This is what the carcass of the bottom drawer sits/bolts to.

The big bottom drawer is mounted to slides which are said to hold 200+ pounds.
As of now theres a 8" rotary table and tail stock, 8" chuck, spindexer and some little odds and ends.

Left drawer, R8 arbor and tools.

Right drawers, R8 collets, round-over, ball and other little cutters.

In the middle above the big drawer and in-between the 4" box tubing will be another drawer which will hold edge finders and parallels.

Above the left drawer will be another drawer (or two) which will hold end-mills.

Cant do anything above the right drawer because of the X axis power feed.

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