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Disabling spindle safety guard switch

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

If your from OSHA... look the other way please.

Im one of those who will use the splash guard on occasion, but not all the time so the safety switch was one of the first things on the todo list.

Note: if your not comfortable with a lathe, it is a nice safety feature and should be left in place.

The first thing i did, just to get by for the first day so i could get the lathe running and cut some things was to flip the guard down and then crack loose the two set-screws on the bottom tube of the guard itself and then flip the guard out of the way. But like i said, there are times which i use the guard and to keep messing with the set screws would have become a pain to me so i removed the splash guards mount, flipped the switch over so it would not make any contact and reassembled. If i ever wanted to hook it back up, just flip it back over... no cutting wires or removing anything, just flip it over.

  1. Removed the splash guard,  loosened the two set-screws on the bottom tube and then slide the guard off.
  2. Removed the housing, four allen screws.
  3. Un-screwed the switch and flipped it over
  4. Reassembled everything.
  5. Tested, no matter the position of the splash guard, the lathe will always run.

Next, when i get some free time will be to make a new pin which the splash guard slides on a little bit longer with a 'V' milled down the center. Tack weld two nuts to the bottom of the splash guard (replacing the set screws with "thumb-screws") and then the splash guard can be moved around a little...


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