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Delivered and un-created

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

Started talking with Matt (Quality Machine Tools owner) around thanksgiving time of 2012 about some of his smaller lathes. Late January i decided on the PM1440E-LB

 Here are some pictures of the un-createing process.

I must agree with the truck driver who dropped of the lathe, "they" (meaning Matt and his employees) did a great job creating the lathe.... Do not have a picture of the lathe completely created, but the first image below is only with the top and side off

Ran into some trouble when trying to move the engine hoist around the machine while on the skid, the base of the skid was too wide and the hoists legs wound not staddel the skid. This turned into a proccess, first we sawed off as much of the skid as possibule, then lifted on end of the machine, chopped the skid in half, removed that half and placed a dollie under it, then lifted the other end and placed a dollie under that... In the end every thing panned out, but took alittle longer then expected... boy a fork-lift would have been nice smiley

This page will be updated sooner or later, just wanted to get something posted.

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