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Boring spindle tube 2" dia 12" long while still in the machine.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

When i bought the PM1440 lathe it was said to have a 2" spindle bore, well... it was close, 1.99x but just too small to slide a piece of 2" stock through it (pretty sure this was the only time which any bad words left my mouth towards Matt :-) ).

A while back i seen a Keith Fenner clip, Super Shaker, where he used a line boring process which was pretty clever. After seeing his clip it seamed like a process which could be modified alittle to fit my needs, so here we are.

The video at the bottom explains everything: in short:
A bushing is placed on the "out board" side of the machine (the left end) and a second is chucked up on the cutting end.
A piece of bar stock get a hole cross cut into it and a HSS cutter is slide into the hole. The bar stock is slide through the two bushings, one end of the bar is lock to the carriage and the HSS cutter is placed into the cross hole. Being the bar is fixed to the carriage and there are two bushings (one on ether side of the spindle tube)  the spindle will spin and the bar with the cutter in it will stay stationary. Kick the spindle on, flip the feed lever and the bar with the HSS cutter will bore its way through the spindle tube.

In the end, the bore was opened up to 2.015 and a two inch piece of bar stock slide in nicely.

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