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Adjusting threading half-nut slide

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

If you ever want to adjust how tight or loose the threading half-nut lever slides, you can give the following a shot.

If you look on the back side of the carriage you will see the half-nut and the dove-tail it slide in, this is what i adjusted.

All three images below are taking while viewing the side of the carriage. In the second image, on the side, you will see three set-screws locked with nuts on them and then on the back you will see three 9mm bolts.

I wanted to make the slide a little looser, so i did the following.

  1. Removed the thread dial (Related: Re-aligning thread dial article)
  2. Cracked loose all three nuts and backed out the set-screws
  3. Cracked loose the three 9mm bolts on the back
  4. Started to "work" the half-nut lever up and down in-till i liked how it felt.
  5. Tightened the middle 9mm bolt first, then the top and bottom
  6. Lightly snugged the set-screws and then locked the nuts.
  7. Closed the half-nut, squirted some way-lub on the top, opened the half-nut and squirted way-lub between the two halves.

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