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Adding LED lights to bottom of the IH-Mill's head

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:20

Note: In the images here the lights look blue/purple, its the camera, the lights are white.

The lighting in my basement is not the best, the ceiling is only 6'8" so the light will not spread and seeing at the mill is tough (up in-till now ive been using a magnetic LED and have wanted something better).

Peeking around the net and seeing what other people do (a ring of LEDs around the bottom of the quill is popular) i was going to do similar. At first i was gonna make a ring with two rows of lights, the outer row was to be set at an angle to point towards the center of the tool but read an idea on a forum where a person planned on mounting some LEDs on adjustable arms so the light beams could be pointed where he wanted them. I kind of like the idea, but the lights i bought where a 9" long flexible string of LEDs (had plans on making rings) and having a few "arms" mounted to the mill seamed like they would get in the way some how or another... so, the thought of mounting the lights in a piece of bar stock and then being able to rotate them might work out good and thats what i set out to do.

Before starting this project, i started to mount a motor from a cordless screw gun to the Mills 'Z' axis to motorize the head so i didnt have to deal with cranking the head up and down by hand. For that project i used a power supply from a PC for the source of power for the cordless motor so i had easy access to a 12v power source and hence i bought LEDs which needed 12v to get them going. The LED strips where 9" long and a set of 4 came in the package.

The LED strip are alittle over 1/4" wide, so i milled a 1/4" notch down a piece of 1/2 aluminium bar stock which was 11" long. The vice i have is only 5" so the ends where hanging out alittle far, i used some jacks under the ends and it panned out well. If i was to do this again i would not mill the whole lengh of bar, would keep away from the ends 5/8 and use blocks and fingers to support the ends of the bar stock, by doing that it wuold also give a cleaner look to the over all job.



Cheapo 4x6 band saw (which i love), cutting some small flat stock for the back mounts of the side strips. The back mounts have a 1/2 hole in the bottom which the lights slide through a 1/2 x 3/4 long cut out mill in the top which will bolt to the mills head and a 1/4-20 thread in the side of the 1/2 hole for a "thumb screw". Again with the carmera, the little vice being held in the band saw is a dark blue.

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