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Looking to download Close To the Glass album online ? Released: Feb 25, 2014 , The Notwist launched Alternative album Close To the Glass.

Album has 12 Songs, 47 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Signals 3:40

Close To the Glass 3:01

Kong 4:30

Into Another Tune 3:57

Casino 3:14

From One Wrong Place To the Next 2:49

7-Hour-Drive 3:57

The Fifth Quarter of the Globe 0:50

Run Run Run 5:05

Steppin' In 2:09

Lineri 8:52

They Follow Me 5:40


It’s unusual for a band to churn their way through a number of distinctly different genres over the years (nearly 25 years’ worth, in fact) and not only stay together but continue to make remarkable music. Germany’s Notwist have explored thrash-punk, metal, and various electronic varieties since their 1990 inception; they struck a chord with American indie pop fans on 2002’s synth-driven Neon Golden. Their next full-length, 2008’s The Devil, You+ Me, took Neon Golden a step further, with more guitars and instrumentation (including The Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra). And in 2009, The Notwist made a gorgeous film soundtrack of electronic soundscapes, Sturm. Close to the Glass is—delightfully—an extension of The Devil, with the trio mashing various strains of electro-pop, indie rock, and Krautrock into wonderfully memorable and evocative works. From the energetic confection of “Kong” to the funky, tribal groove of the title track, the shoegazey wash of “7 Hour Drive,” and the mesmerizing motorik pull of “Run Run Run,” this is a beautiful and adventurous outing from The Notwist.
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