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arduino code for pneumatic air piston for table saw sled controlled by an arduino

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 00:22

Heres the arduino code code for the Pneumatic-air-piston-for-table-saw-sled-controlled-by-an-arduino.

Download Link:

The code is a bit of a mess, after everything was working i never whent back to clean it up, sorry.

#include <digitalwritefast.h>
#include <wire.h>
#include <adafruit_gfx.h>
#include <gfxfont.h>
#include <adafruit_ledbackpack.h>
#include <keypad.h>

const int pin7SegmentDisplaySDA = 20; // SDA GREEN data  Analog-4 or Digital 20 for the Mega
const int pin7SegmentDisplaySCL = 21; // SCL WHITE clock  Analog-5 or Digital 21 for the Mega
Adafruit_7segment segmentCounter = Adafruit_7segment();

const byte ROWS = 4; // Four rows
const byte COLS = 4; // Three columns
// Define the Keymap
char keys[ROWS][COLS] = {
  {'1','2','3', 'A'},
  {'4','5','6', 'B'},
  {'7','8','9', 'C'},
  {'*','0','#', 'D'}
// Connect keypad ROW0, ROW1, ROW2 and ROW3 to these Arduino pins.
// 36 = yellow
// 37 = green
byte rowPins[ROWS] = { 30, 32, 34, 36 };
// Connect keypad COL0, COL1 and COL2 to these Arduino pins.
byte colPins[COLS] = { 31, 33, 35, 37}; 

// Create the Keypad
Keypad kpd = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS );

const int pinPiston_Out_Switch = 5; // yellow "HOME" 980X
const int pinPiston_In_Switch = 6; // orange 987X

const int pinPiston_Out_Relay = 3; // yellow
const int pinPiston_In_Relay = 4; // orange

const int pinSwitchCountUp = 10; // yellow
const int pinSwitchCountDown = 11; // blue
volatile char countUPorDOWN = 'u';

const int pinClearCounter = 8; // white // reset button

const int pinHome = 9; // blue
//const int pinReset = 12; // on the board with 1k restore
const int pinStart = 2; // yellow
const int LEDrunning = 7; // green
const int LEDreset = 52; // white
const int LEDblinkHome = 53; // greeb
const int LEDblinkERROR = 50; // BLUE

//const int LEDreset = 50; // BLUE

// revurse
const int manualOut = 40; // blue
const int LEDmanualOut = 41; // yellow

// Forward
const int manualIn = 42; // green 
const int LEDmanualIn = 43; // white

volatile int pistonOut = 0;
volatile int pistonIn = 0;

volatile int triggerError = 0;
volatile int runDone = 1;

volatile int partCounter = 0;
int partCounterSetTo = 0;
char partCounterSetToArry[5];
int partCounterSetToArryIndex=0;
int settingCounter = 0;
char keyPressed = 0;

volatile int cycleRunning = 0;

volatile int isHome = 0;

unsigned long blink_PreviousMillis = 0;
const long blink_Interval = 500;
int blink_ledState = LOW;

const int pinBuzz = 12; // orange
int buzzOn = 1;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
	pinMode(LEDrunning, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(LEDreset, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(LEDblinkHome, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(LEDblinkERROR, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(LEDmanualOut, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(LEDmanualIn, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(pinPiston_Out_Switch, INPUT_PULLUP);
	digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch, HIGH);
	pinMode(pinPiston_In_Switch, INPUT_PULLUP);
	digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Switch, HIGH);
	pinMode(pinPiston_Out_Relay, OUTPUT);
	digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, 0);
	pinMode(pinPiston_In_Relay, OUTPUT);
	digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, 0);
	pinMode(pinStart, INPUT_PULLUP);
	pinMode(pinHome, INPUT_PULLUP);
	//pinMode(pinReset, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(pinClearCounter, INPUT_PULLUP);
	pinMode(pinSwitchCountUp, INPUT_PULLUP);
	pinMode(pinSwitchCountDown, INPUT_PULLUP);
	pinMode(manualOut, INPUT_PULLUP);
	pinMode(manualIn, INPUT_PULLUP);
	pinMode(pinBuzz, OUTPUT);

void(* resetFunc) (void) = 0; //declare reset function @ address 0

void loop() {
	//digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW);
	//digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW);
	if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch) == 0){
		isHome = 1;
		digitalWriteFast(LEDblinkHome, HIGH);
	} else {
		isHome = 0;
		if(cycleRunning == 0){
			char ledArray[2];
			ledArray[1] = LEDblinkHome;
		} else {
			digitalWriteFast(LEDblinkHome, LOW);
	// Make sure values are not open when they should not be...
	if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch) == 0){
		digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW);
	if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_In_Switch) == 0){
		digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW);
	if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay) == 1){
		ledOnOff(true, LEDmanualOut);
	} else {
		ledOnOff(false, LEDmanualOut);
	if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_In_Relay) == 1){
		ledOnOff(true, LEDmanualIn);
	} else {
		ledOnOff(false, LEDmanualIn);
	// Manual OUT
	if (digitalReadFast(manualOut) 

LOW && digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch)

HIGH && cycleRunning == 0){ cycleRunning = 0; extentPiston(); } else if (digitalReadFast(manualOut)

HIGH && cycleRunning

0){ digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); } // Manual IN if (digitalReadFast(manualIn)

LOW && digitalReadFast(pinPiston_In_Switch)

HIGH && cycleRunning == 0){ cycleRunning = 0; retractPiston(); } else if (digitalReadFast(manualIn)

HIGH && cycleRunning

0){ digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); } // CYCLE START //if (digitalReadFast(pinStart)

LOW && isHome

1 && cycleRunning

0 && triggerError

0){ if (digitalReadFast(pinStart)

LOW && isHome

1 && cycleRunning == 0){ //if (digitalReadFast(pinStart)

LOW && cycleRunning

0){ delay(5); triggerError = 0; isHome = 0; cycleRunning = 0; //sendHome(); //stop(); startCycle(); delay(30); runDone = 0; cycleRunning = 1; } else if(digitalReadFast(pinStart)

LOW && isHome

0 && cycleRunning == 0){ ledOnOff(true, LEDblinkERROR); } else { if(triggerError == 0){ ledOnOff(false, LEDblinkERROR); } else { //ledOnOff(false, LEDblinkERROR); } //ledOnOff(false, LEDblinkERROR); } // END OF CYCLE if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch)

LOW && digitalReadFast(pinPiston_In_Relay)

LOW && cycleRunning == 1){ //if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch)

LOW && cycleRunning

1){ //isHome = 1; partCounter = count(partCounter); displayCount(partCounter); stop(); cycleRunning = 0; } // AUTO EXTENT PISTION WHILE IN CYCLE if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_In_Switch)

LOW && cycleRunning

1){ extentPiston(); } // COUNTER SWTICH if (digitalReadFast(pinSwitchCountUp) == LOW){ countUPorDOWN = 'd'; } else if (digitalReadFast(pinSwitchCountDown) == LOW ){ countUPorDOWN = 'u'; } else { countUPorDOWN = 'n'; } // HOME if (digitalReadFast(pinHome) == LOW){ isHome = 0; cycleRunning = 0; sendHome(); } if (partCounter

0 && countUPorDOWN

'd' && runDone == 0){ segmentCounter.blinkRate(1); triggerError = 1; } else { triggerError = 0; } // RESET ARDUINO if (digitalReadFast(pinClearCounter)

LOW && countUPorDOWN

'n'){ //pinMode(pinReset, OUTPUT); // sets the digital pin as output //digitalWriteFast(pinReset, LOW); // sets the LED off ledOnOff(true, LEDreset); delay(5); //digitalWriteFast(pinReset, HIGH); resetFunc(); //digitalWriteFast(pinReset, HIGH); //resetFunc(); //call reset } if (digitalReadFast(pinClearCounter) == LOW && countUPorDOWN != 'n'){ zeroDisplay(); runDone = 1; } char key = kpd.getKey(); if(key && cycleRunning == 0) { //Serial.println(key); keyPadPressed(key); } if (digitalReadFast(pinClearCounter)

LOW || (key && key

'C')){ Serial.println(key); ledOnOff(true, LEDreset); } else { ledOnOff(false, LEDreset); } if(settingCounter == 1) { segmentCounter.blinkRate(1); displayCount(partCounterSetTo); } else { if(runDone

0 && triggerError

1) { segmentCounter.blinkRate(1); displayCount(partCounter); } else { segmentCounter.blinkRate(0); displayCount(partCounter); } } //if (isHome

0 && cycleRunning

0){ //char ledArray[3]; //ledArray[0] = LEDblinkHome; //ledArray[1] = LEDblinkERROR; //makeLEDblink(ledArray); //} else { //digitalWriteFast(LEDblinkHome, LOW); //if (triggerError == 0) { //digitalWriteFast(LEDblinkERROR, LOW); //} //} if (triggerError == 1){ char ledArray[2]; ledArray[1] = LEDblinkERROR; makeLEDblink(ledArray); } //if (isHome == 1){ //digitalWriteFast(LEDblinkHome, LOW); //} else { //digitalWriteFast(LEDblinkHome, HIGH); //} } void makeLEDblink_(char led[]){ // try and loop over the LEDs passed to we can blink more then one at a time for( int a = 0; a < (sizeof(led)); a = a + 1 ){ unsigned long blink_CurrentMillis = millis(); if (blink_CurrentMillis - blink_PreviousMillis >= blink_Interval) { // save the last time you blinked the LED blink_PreviousMillis = blink_CurrentMillis; // if the LED is off turn it on and vice-versa: if (blink_ledState == LOW) { blink_ledState = HIGH; } else { blink_ledState = LOW; } digitalWriteFast(led[a], blink_ledState); } } } void makeLEDblink(char led[]){ unsigned long blink_CurrentMillis = millis(); if (blink_CurrentMillis - blink_PreviousMillis >= blink_Interval) { // save the last time you blinked the LED blink_PreviousMillis = blink_CurrentMillis; // if the LED is off turn it on and vice-versa: if (blink_ledState == LOW) { blink_ledState = HIGH; } else { blink_ledState = LOW; } for( int a = 0; a < (sizeof(led)); a = a + 1 ){ digitalWriteFast(led[a], blink_ledState); } } } void keyPadPressed(char keyIs){ switch (keyIs) { case '1': case '2': case '3': case '4': case '5': case '6': case '7': case '8': case '9': case '0': addKeyPadNumber(keyIs); break; case 'A': // break; case 'B': // break; case 'C': // clear zeroDisplay(); break; case 'D': deleteKeyPadChr(); break; case '*': exitKeyPad(); break; case '#': poundKey(); break; } // Serial.println(keyIs); keyPressed = keyIs; } void poundKey(){ if(settingCounter == 1){ settingCounter = 0; partCounter = partCounterSetTo; partCounterSetTo = 0; partCounterSetToArryIndex = 0; memset(partCounterSetToArry, 0, sizeof(partCounterSetToArry)); } } void exitKeyPad(){ settingCounter = 0; partCounterSetTo = 0; partCounterSetToArryIndex = 0; memset(partCounterSetToArry, 0, sizeof(partCounterSetToArry)); } void addKeyPadNumber(char numIs){ settingCounter = 1; if (partCounterSetToArryIndex == 0){ memset(partCounterSetToArry, 0, sizeof(partCounterSetToArry)); partCounterSetTo = 0; } partCounterSetToArry[partCounterSetToArryIndex] = numIs; partCounterSetTo = atoi(partCounterSetToArry); partCounterSetToArryIndex +=1; } void deleteKeyPadChr(){ //Serial.println(partCounterSetToArryIndex, DEC); if (partCounterSetToArryIndex > 0){ settingCounter = 1; partCounterSetToArryIndex -=1; //Serial.print("BIGGER new index count = "); //Serial.println(partCounterSetToArryIndex, DEC); char TEMPpartCounterSetToArry[5]; //TEMPpartCounterSetToArry = partCounterSetToArry; memcpy( TEMPpartCounterSetToArry, partCounterSetToArry, 5 ); //Serial.print("partCounterSetToArry index 1 = "); //Serial.print(partCounterSetToArry[1]); //Serial.println(" ----- "); memset(partCounterSetToArry, 0, sizeof(partCounterSetToArry)); for( int a = 0; a < partCounterSetToArryIndex; a = a + 1 ) { //Serial.print("a = "); //Serial.println(a); //Serial.print("tmp = "); //Serial.println(TEMPpartCounterSetToArry[a]); partCounterSetToArry[a] = TEMPpartCounterSetToArry[a]; } partCounterSetTo = atoi(partCounterSetToArry); } } void sendHome(){ //Serial.println("HOMING OUT"); cycleRunning = 0; digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); //digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); if (digitalReadFast(pinPiston_Out_Switch) == LOW){ isHome = 1; digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); ledOnOff(false, LEDmanualOut); } if (isHome == 0){ digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, HIGH); ledOnOff(true, LEDmanualOut); sendHome(); } } void startCycle(){ ledOnOff(true, LEDrunning); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); delay(30); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); delay(30); retractPiston(); // cut delay(30); } void extentPiston(){ digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, HIGH); } void retractPiston(){ digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, HIGH); } void stop(){ digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); delay(10); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_Out_Relay, LOW); digitalWriteFast(pinPiston_In_Relay, LOW); ledOnOff(false, LEDrunning); } char count(int num){ if (countUPorDOWN == 'u'){ num = (num + 1); } if (countUPorDOWN == 'd'){ num = (num - 1); } return num; } void displayCount(int num){ segmentCounter.print(num); segmentCounter.writeDisplay(); if(num == 0){ buzzard(true); } } void zeroDisplay(){ partCounter = 0; segmentCounter.print(0000, DEC); segmentCounter.writeDisplay(); buzzard(false); } void buzzard(bool l){ if(l){ digitalWriteFast(pinBuzz, HIGH); buzzOn = 1; } else { digitalWriteFast(pinBuzz, LOW); buzzOn = 0; } } void ledOnOff(bool l,int LED){ if(l){ digitalWriteFast(LED, HIGH); } else { digitalWriteFast(LED, LOW); } }
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