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A Treasure (Deluxe Version) [Live] LEAKED TODAY-@DOWNLOAD@

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Looking to download A Treasure (Deluxe Version) [Live] album online ? Released: Jun 14, 2011 , Neil Young launched Rock album A Treasure (Deluxe Version) [Live].

Album has 18 Songs, 1 Hour 19 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Amber Jean (Live) 3:17

Are You Ready for the Country? (Live) 3:38

It Might Have Been (Live) 2:43

Bound for Glory (Live) 5:57

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (Live) 3:00

Flying On the Ground Is Wrong (Live) 4:47

Motor City (Live) 3:21

Soul of a Woman (Live) 4:26

Get Back to the Country (Live) 2:27

Southern Pacific (Live) 7:51

Nothing Is Perfect (Live) 5:00

Grey Riders (Live) 5:58

Amber Jean 3:18

Get Back to the Country 2:33

Southern Pacific 7:53

Grey Riders 6:00

Are You Ready for the Country? 3:40

Motor City 3:24


Touring with the International Harvesters, a cast of serious country music professionals, Neil Young performed at his own country-western best. It was the ‘80s when Young zig and zagged in every direction trying to catch fire. He caught it here. While Old Ways is a formal studio album, A Treasure is a powerful and spirited live album of much the same material. “Are You Ready For the Country?” is in ferocious form. The previously unreleased “Amber Jean,” for his daughter,” is touching. “Nothing Is Perfect” sways as a Happy Homesteader anthem. Joe London’s “I Might Have Been” hits all the right points for a classic country number. Young revamps “Southern Pacific” and “Motor City” from Re*Ac*Tor into focused honkytonkers. Buffalo Springfield’s “Flying On the Ground Is Wrong” transforms into a breezy, country number. You can practically hear the cowboy hat on this release. To see it, you’ll need the Deluxe Version which features video proof. Either way, this is a much-needed shot in the arm for Young’s often-overlooked mid-‘80s period.
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