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Looking to download The Brutalist Bricks album online ? Released: Mar 9, 2010 , Ted Leo and the Pharmacists launched Alternative album The Brutalist Bricks.

Album has 14 Songs, 44 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
The Mighty Sparrow 2:37

Mourning In America 2:58

Ativan Eyes 4:22

Even Heroes Have to Die 3:45

The Stick 1:56

Bottled In Cork 3:18

Woke Up Near Chelsea 3:50

One Polaroid a Day 4:10

Where Was My Brain 2:18

Bartomelo and the Buzzing of Bees 3:21

Tuberculoids Arrive In Hop 2:25

Gimme the Wire 2:54

Last Days 3:46

Everything Gets Interrupted (Exclusive Bonus Track) 2:39


Ted Leo sings with a political fervor and emotional commitment that is reminiscent of the Clash in all their blazing glory. “The Mighty Sparrow,” the sprightly-spiky pop-punk tune that kicks off Leo’s sixth studio album is a bracing mix of power chords, spirited vocals and hummable choruses that demand attention. “Mourning In America” addresses those Leo needs to overcome (“the long-manipulated and the willfully dumb”) in order to reach justice for all. There’s still a touch of keyboard from guitarist James Canty and the ghost of Elvis Costello always haunts the twist of words and rhythmic force as the drug-induced look at the Foo Fighters-styled “Ativan Eyes” and the camera-quick “One Polaroid a Day” spark images of the horn-rimmed hero answering Leo’s songwriting questions. “Bottled In Cork” reflects like a diary while slamming around with punk energy. The acoustic-based growl of “Even Heroes Have to Die” settles on unsettling truth. “Last Days” is his way of winding down one strong, intense album.
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