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❦JNR➧➧ [MP3 DOWNLOAD] Fairuz Instrumental 2 by Fairouz iTunes Free

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Looking to download Fairuz Instrumental 2 album online ? Released: Nov 16, 2015 , Fairouz launched World album Fairuz Instrumental 2.

Album has 16 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Nassam Alayna el Haowa (Saxophone Version) 4:41

Nasam Alaiyna el Hawa (Violin Version) 4:39

Ya Tayr el Werwar (Saxophone Version) 3:54

Ya Tayr el Wirwar (Violin Version) 3:54

Jesr el Laowzeyeh (Saxophone Version) 3:49

Jiser el Laoziyih (Violin Version) 3:45

Saalooni el Nas (Saxophone Version) 4:50

Salouni Elnas (Violin Version) 4:42

Akhir Eyiam al Sayfeyeh (Saxophone Version) 3:19

Akher Eyam al Sayfiyih (Violin Version) 3:16

Min Ezz el Naowm (Saxophone Version) 4:00

Men Ez el Naoum (Violin Version) 4:00

Yama el Haowa (Saxophone Version) 3:41

Ya Ma el Hawa (Violin Version) 3:45

Al Bosstah (Saxophone Version) 5:02

Al Bosta (Violin Version) 5:01

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