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Looking to download Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions album online ? Released: Jun 4, 2013 , Remedy Drive launched Christian & Gospel album Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions.

Album has 10 Songs, 36 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Album songs list:
Better Than Life (Acoustic) 3:44

Lost Cause (Acoustic) 3:33

Resuscitate Me (Acoustic) 3:39

God I Hope So (Acoustic) 4:02

What Are We Waiting For (Acoustic) 3:36

Don't Forget (Acoustic) 2:56

Make It Bright (Acoustic) 2:44

Crystal Sea (Acoustic) 4:49

Glory (Acoustic) 3:39

Hold On (Acoustic) 3:34


The Christian quartet Remedy Drive dispenses with grand rock flourishes in favor of a stripped-down approach in this revised version of its 2012 album Resuscitate. Unplugging the electric guitars and scaling back the drums helps the band’s winsome melodies and openhearted content stand out more clearly in these tracks. Among other virtues, Acoustic Sessions makes the highly personal nature of lead singer David Zach’s lyrics stand out in bold relief. “God I Hope So”—a tune dealing with the departure of Zach’s three brothers from the band—is especially powerful in this piano-centered, string-accented setting. More upbeat tunes like “Glory,” “Make It Bright," and the title tune gain a fresh luster from their supple brushed drumwork and unvarnished vocal harmonies. Nuanced sonic colors emerge here, like Corey Horn’s buoyant bass lines in “What Are We Waiting For” or Zach’s rolling piano figures in “Lost Cause.” As a whole, the album suggests an unsigned combo holding forth on a college coffeehouse stage, eager to prove itself with the strength of its songs and the earnestness of its playing.
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