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Looking to download What The... album online ? Released: Dec 3, 2013 , Black Flag launched Rock album What The....

Album has 22 Songs, 43 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
My Heart's Pumping 2:12

Down in the Dirt 3:39

Blood and Ashes 1:48

Now Is the Time 1:47

Wallow in Despair 1:30

Slow Your Ass Down 1:50

It's so Absurd 1:11

Shut Up 1:43

This Is Hell 2:01

Go Away 2:32

The Bitter End 2:02

The Chase 2:17

I'm Sick 1:45

It's Not My Time to Go-Go 1:36

Lies 2:47

Get out of My Way 1:01

Outside 2:44

No Teeth 1:44

To Hell and Back 1:43

Give Me All Your Dough 1:28

You Gotta Be Joking 1:17

Off My Shoulders 3:18


If your idea of Black Flag is Greg Ginn’s twisted guitar playing, then 2013’s What The… will resonate quite a bit. On this—the first Black Flag studio album since 1985’s In My Head—vocalist Ron Reyes (a.k.a. Chavo Pederast), who appeared on the 1980 Jealous Again EP, returns as frontman, and new drummer Gregory Amoore holds down whatever rhythmic component still exists. This reignition of the classic punk brand was inspired by the recent formation of FLAG—a different band led by former Black Flaggers Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski. Black Flag had always been a confusing group. Their early punk singles and EPs featured a constant shuffle of lead singers, and after their debut studio album—the classic Damaged—they struggled with albums that often sounded like slow heavy metal. A few great songs along the way and the presence of steady singer Henry Rollins at live shows built their legions. Now, What The… mostly buries Chavo’s vocals underneath a maelstrom of Ginn’s gnarly riffs, which makes the songs plenty loud but incapable of becoming the anthems that old Flag drew up regularly. 
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