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✷❒❒ Post Pop Depression By Iggy Pop MP3 Download

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Looking to download Post Pop Depression album online ? Released: Mar 18, 2016 , Iggy Pop launched Rock album Post Pop Depression.

Album has 9 Songs, 41 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Break Into Your Heart 3:54

Gardenia 4:14

American Valhalla 4:38

In the Lobby 4:14

Sunday 6:06

Vulture 3:15

German Days 4:47

Chocolate Drops 3:58

Paraguay 6:25


How do you make a grand statement when you have nothing left to prove? On Post Pop Depression, Iggy Pop huddles with Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Dead Weather’s Dean Fertita, and Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders. The results are wiry, muscular, and shape-shifting, much like Iggy himself. His unctuous cool drips all over slow-burners like “American Valhalla” and “Break Into Your Heart." “Vulture” sounds like Iggy reading a twisted campfire story. “Paraguay” and “Chocolate Drops” are as poignant as they are profane. Nearly 50 years from where it all began, Post Pop Depression proves that the punk pioneer can still cause a ruckus.
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