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⛖HD⛖ Part of the Light By Ray LaMontagne MP3 Download

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Looking to download Part of the Light album online ? Released: May 18, 2018, Ray LaMontagne released Singer/Songwriter album Part of the Light.

Album has 9 Songs, 46 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
To the Sea 5:11

Paper Man 4:25

Part of the Light 4:20

It's Always Been You 5:37

Let's Make It Last 4:27

As Black As Blood Is Blue 4:45

Such a Simple Thing 4:58

No Answer Arrives 5:14

Goodbye Blue Sky 7:04


There was a time when Ray LaMontagne was viewed as the heir apparent to Van Morrison or Jeff Buckley. Part of the Light shakes up those assumptions as the New Hampshire singer/songwriter balances the quiet with the loud and ethereal. Ray’s voice ripples and expands like a pebble splash in a quiet lake—the vocal echo on “It’s Always Been You” adds a haunting contrail. “As Black as Blood Is Blue” hints that LaMontagne has some Metallica cassettes stashed in his attic. Meanwhile, the ballads here are gorgeously lethal. “Let’s Make It Last” might be Ray’s best one yet, perfect for a wedding first dance. The track represents the album’s exquisite beauty and message: Slow down and appreciate what’s truly important.
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