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Looking to download The Shade of Poison Trees album online ? Released: Oct 2, 2007, Dashboard Confessional released Alternative album The Shade of Poison Trees.

Album has 13 Songs, 33 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Where There's Gold 2:29

Thick As Thieves 2:19

Keep Watch for the Mines 2:45

These Bones 2:58

Fever Dreams 2:29

The Shade of Poison Trees 2:58

The Rush 3:50

Little Bombs 2:32

I Light My Own Fires Now 2:53

Matters of Blood and Connection 2:23

Clean Breaks 2:58

The Widow's Peak 2:58


Chris Carrabba strips things down on Dashboard Confessional’s fifth release, creating a handful of intimate, acoustic-based songs free of emo overkill or instrumental bombast.  Roughly half the songs here have the band backing Carrabba in some form (mostly in low gear, not full throttle), and half the songs simply feature Carrabba and acoustic guitars.  His lyrics seem to have taken a leap into adulthood, and out of the realm of heart-on-the-sleeve confessionals.  Of course, lyrics being what they are, we could be wrong in our interpretations, but topics here appear to range from a gold-digging mistress whose Hollywood dreams never took root (the radio friendly “Where There’s Gold”) to lying in one’s deathbed (the oddly upbeat “These Bones”).  Most tracks feel more pop-oriented, as if he’s aiming for Adult Contemporary radio — and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Fever Dreams” is a clear move into that territory; bubbly, delicate and fun, it works very well. “The Shade of Poison Trees” showcases graceful, dreamy harmonies, and strings punctuate the beautifully orchestrated “Clean Breaks.”  Even an attempt at U2-styled gravity on “The Rush” turns shimmering and airy, but “The Widow’s Peak,” the last track, finally brings things around to a heavier emotional feel, with some minor key piano and Carrabba’s soaring falsetto tugging at your empathy strings.  These songs may lose some fans, but no doubt will win new ones at the same time.
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