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Looking to download Static Age album online ? Released: Jul 15, 1997 , The Misfits launched Alternative album Static Age.

Album has 17 Songs, 34 Minutes available to download or listen

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Download here

Album songs list:
Static Age 1:47

TV Casualty 2:23

Some Kinda Hate 2:01

Last Caress 1:57

Return of the Fly 1:36

Hybrid Moments 1:42

We Are 138 (1996 Remastered) 1:41

Teenagers From Mars 2:50

Come Back 5:00

Angelfuck 1:37

Hollywood Babylon 2:20

Attitude 1:30

Bullet 1:37

Theme For a Jackal (1996 Remastered) 2:40

She (1997 Remastered) 1:24

Spinal Remains (1997 Remastered) 1:27

In the Doorway (1997 Remastered) 1:24


Recorded in 1978 but not released until 1996 as part of a box set and 1997 as a stand-alone album, Static Age was recorded with 30 hours of free studio time The Misfits received in exchange for giving up rights to the label name Blank Records—which singer Glenn Danzig had owned—to a major label. The subsequent album was recorded mostly live in the studio, and the band couldn't find a label interested in releasing it. Four of the tunes ("Bullet," "We Are 138," "Attitude," "Hollywood Babylon") were self-issued as the "Bullet" single in 1978, with other songs making it onto subsequent releases in overdubbed versions. Despite the rushed nature of the sessions, these are some of The Misfits' best-sounding recordings, featuring better-than-average musicianship and some of Danzig's best songs, such as "Last Caress," "We Are 138," "Angelf**k," and "Attitude," as well as a re-recording of "She" that packs quite a wallop. 
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