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Looking to download 212 Atlas Chleuh album online ? Released: Jul 24, 2017 , DJ Youcef launched North African album 212 Atlas Chleuh.

Album has 20 Songs, 2 Hours available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Inas Inas (feat. Ahouzar) 9:49

Aaz Nass (feat. Mohamed Rouicha) 8:40

Oyafa Rbi (feat. Mustapha Oumguil) 9:30

Ha L'mahayen (feat. Mohamed Rouicha) 9:19

Jmaa Ljibench (feat. Ahouzar Aziz) 5:09

Awaya Hbibino (feat. Najmat Azrou Mouna) 4:55

Aghrub (feat. Mohamed Rouicha) 5:38

Yach Aari (feat. Ahouzar) 5:29

Mami Nomami (feat. Meghni Mohamed) 5:16

Chikhas Tisaa (feat. Oumguil Mustapha) 4:46

Amarg Amo Hadad (feat. Meghni Mohamed) 4:55

Iaajbach Lhal (feat. Mimoun El Khnifri) 5:30

Maydi Tjane (feat. Oumguil Mustapha) 5:05

Aghadar Aytguit (feat. Maghni Mohamed) 4:50

Ayamano (feat. El Haddioui Mostapha) 4:30

Adas Ghargh Osmoun (feat. Mimoun El Khnifri) 5:44

Rbi Iga Ahnine (feat. Houssa 46) 5:07

Abolahrami (feat. Hajiba) 5:39

Ababano (feat. Tiotmine Imazighn) 4:55

Araed Ayga Ohbibino (feat. Med Aankour) 5:27

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