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Looking to download Tangerine Reef album online ? Released: Aug 17, 2018, Animal Collective released Alternative album Tangerine Reef.

Album has 13 Songs, 52 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Hair Cutter 4:01

Buffalo Tomato 4:49

Inspector Gadget 4:19

Buxom 4:40

Coral Understanding 3:44

Airpipe (To a New Transition) 6:03

Jake and Me 4:25

Coral by Numbers 2:26

Hip Sponge 3:53

Coral Realization 3:00

Lundsten Coral 3:05

Palythoa 4:11

Best of Times (Worst of All) 4:09


A soundtrack to a film by the same name—and originally performed live during a screening at 2017’s Borscht Film Festival in Miami—Tangerine Reef sets Animal Collective’s free-spirited pop to video art duo Coral Morphologic’s intimate, similarly psychedelic visuals of life on the ocean floor. On its own, it’s a languid, wonderfully atmospheric swim through groves of modular synths and strange effects, with contributions from everyone in the band but Noah “Panda Bear” Lennox. Fittingly, they’ve dedicated it to the International Year of the Reef effort. “It’s pretty clear that coral reefs are in trouble,” Brian “Geologist” Weitz—an avid scuba diver—told Rolling Stone. “We’re hoping that Animal Collective fans and beyond will see this footage and be inspired to care about the ocean and care about coral reefs and do what they can.”
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