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Looking to download Ancient Shadows album online ? Released: Oct 31, 2006 , Priscilla Hernandez launched New Age album Ancient Shadows.

Album has 19 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Album songs list:
Facing the Dream (Opening Credits) 0:57

Away 5:15

Ancient Shadow 3:40

But If You Go (Extended Version) 3:25

I Steal the Leaves (Remastered Version) 3:51

The Willow's Lullaby (Sleep Paralysis Theme) 2:52

The Call of the Nymph 4:40

Nothing 4:09

Haunted 3:53

Nightmare (Sleep Paralysis Theme) 3:39

Fairy Tale (Instrumental) 1:20

The Realms of Twilight 3:17

The Voice of the Night 3:12

Lament 2:25

Ahora Que Te Has Ido (Instrumental Version) 1:12

The Prince and the Fairy 2:14

I'm Right Here 4:43

Sueño Muerto 3:57

Facing the Dream (Closing Credits) 3:57

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