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☳MOD❊❊ [MP3/MP4] Download ~ I (Re-Release) by Die Krupps MP3/MP4 and Listen Online

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Looking to download I (Re-Release) album online ? Released: Aug 22, 2008 , Die Krupps launched Electronic album I (Re-Release).

Album has 28 Songs, 2 Hours 2 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
High Tech / Low Life (Atom H Mix) 3:17

Metal Machine Music (Atom H Mix) 5:17

Doppelgänger (Atom H Mix) 5:03

The Dawning of Doom (Atom H Mix) 3:47

Ministry of Fear (Atom H Mix) 4:55

One (Atom H Mix) 4:56

Simply Say No (Atom H Mix) 3:57

Disciples of Discipline (Atom H Mix) 4:11

The Power (Atom H Mix) 5:20

Rings of Steel (Atom H Mix) 3:37

High Tech / Low Life (Electro Version) [Bonustrack] 3:16

Ministry of Fear (Electro Version) [Bonustrack] 4:55

Disciples of Discipline (Electro Version) [Bonustrack] 3:53

High Tech / Low Life (Re-Mastered) 3:02

Metal Machine Music (Re-Mastered) 4:08

Doppelgänger (Re-Mastered) 5:03

The Dawning of Doom (Re-Mastered) 3:46

Ministry of Fear (Re-Mastered) 5:02

One (Re-Mastered) 5:01

Simply Say No (Re-Mastered) 3:56

Disciples of Discipline (Re-Mastered) 4:28

The Power (Re-Mastered) 5:18

Rings of Steel (Re-Mastered) 4:46

Dr. Mabuse (Demo Version) [Bonustrack] 4:17

Metal Machine Music (Demo Version) [Bonustrack] 3:49

Doppelgänger (Demo Version) [Bonustrack] 5:00

Simply Say No (Demo Version) [Bonustrack] 4:15

The Power (Demo Version) [Bonustrack] 4:09

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